Supporting information (online component) for

"A global assessment of street-network sprawl"

Barrington-Leigh and Millard-Ball

PLoS One, Nov 2019

"Global trends towards urban street-network sprawl"

Barrington-Leigh and Millard-Ball

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, January 2020

Here are the main papers and their two (long /detailed) Supplementary Information files:

Our data are available in an interactive online map,

There is a (prospectively) Frequently Asked Questions page for the map web site.

Open data

Our results are entirely reproducible using open access data, including OpenStreetMap.

There are also a lot more data displayed in various ways in the Supplementary Information PDFs (above).

Open source code

The entire code base for server setup, data preparation, pre-processing, computation, and analysis for these two research papers is available under a GNU open source license for use by anyone. The code is in Python and SQL. It relies on a PostGIS server and was used with powerful hardware. This entire research project was carried out using open source operating systems, programming languages, manuscript preparation software, etc.

Where does my country / city rank?

You can explore SNDi listings of 200 cities and most countries in sortable tables, here: You can also download the data using the link at the top of each table.

Some graphics and animations

Here's Figure 1 from PNAS 2020, showing our sprawl measure for recently-constructed streets around the world. The inset shows the distribution of our sprawl measure in different time periods

Here's Figure 2 from PNAS 2020, showing some broad, regional, and global trends:

See the papers (and SIs) for more images.

You can make animations yourself at the level of regions or streets, using our interactive online map,

Evolution of development style over time: country-level
Evolution of development style over time: province/state-level
Evolution of development style over time: sub-sub-national
Sainte Therese, QC, Canada. Explore in our dynamic map
Terrebonne, QC, Canada. Explore in our dynamic map

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For further questions, please contact:

  • Chris Barrington-Leigh, McGill University: .
  • Adam Millard-Ball, University of California, Santa Cruz:

Chris Barrington-Leigh and Adam Millard-Ball, 2020